Three Gorges Dam

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Three Gorges Dam

The dam might prove to be an environmental disaster since toxins from nearby industries may leak into the Yangtze river, creating a health hazard.

Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest dam, is a hydroelectric dam located on the Yangtze River. Let's find out more about this giant structure and how it helps and benefits China!

the dam is meeting the government's goal of producing pollution-free electric power, by generating 84 kilowatt-hours of electricity last year

Legend:blue - impacts on marine wildlifegreen- physical impactsyellow - flood controlbrown - electricity production

the dam contains flooding in the upper reaches of the Yangzi

the 22.1 billion cubic meter flood storage capacity will lessen the frequency of floods downstream

unexpected floods that the dam cannot deal with often proves catastrophic.

many surrounding archeological sites would be destroyed by the dam; this subsequently affects the tourism revenue

This Siberian Crane here is one of the many to have lost their habitat in the wetlands because of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam

other animals affected by the dam include the Baji Yangtze river dolphin and the Yangtze sturgeon

the enormous weight of the water in the reservoir, together with the constant rises and falls of the water level, causes the banks to be unstable

in 1998, flooding that the dam did not control left 14 million homeless and $24 billion in economic loss

25% of China’s farmland will be immersed in the Three Ganges river basin

the number of landslides and natural disasters has increased by 70%.

at least 35 people have been killed by the landslides

this adorable creature, the Yangtze dolphin, is extinct due to the constructin of the Dam



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