Three Gorges Dam TGD

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Three Gorges Dam TGD


Three Gorges DamTGD



Advantage:The dam helps to control flooding and holds water for agriculture and to drink.

Disadvantage:The dam has covered a huge amount of land (1042km3) which used to be habitats for many animals.

Advantage:The dam is also a hydroelectric plant making 10% of the needed power. The increased shipping caused by the ship locks installed creates more trade to the interior.

Disadvantage: The dam cost a lot to build, officially $25 billion, but unofficially $88 billion.

Advantage:The TGD caused many people to be moved into new villages that were more advanced than the old ones, the new villages have running water and electricity. The new places had schools the children could attend and healthcare was available.

Advantage:The TGD is a tourist attraction and many river cruises are running showing the dam, river and the area around it.

Disadvantage:The migration of fish up and down the river. The construction caused altered chemical balance, temperature and flow velocity. The TGD has caused the Chinese River Dolphin to be believed extinct. There are now many new endangered species such as the Chinese Sturgeon, the River Sturgeon and the Chinese Paddlefish.

Disadvantage:The dam caused 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,350 villages to be inundated. The government provided farmland was too steep and not fertile. The government had promised jobs that did not appear. The displaced people that moved to new areas had to adjust to new cultures.

Disadvantage:Sewerage from upstream cities and towns is put into the river and gets stuck at the dam wall, causing pressure on the wall, people are worried the pressure is too much and the wall will crack or collapse, the pollution causes damage to the biodiversity of the river.

Disadvantage:Landslides of the saturated limestone walls of the gorges affect the habitats still left. As the dam straddles two major fault lines there is a large risk of earthquakes. The sediment neede to fertilise land downstream is caught at the dam, this decreases fertility rate at lower regions.

Disadvantage: The rehousing of the displaced people cost $100 billion. Farmers that were moved to different area were not used to growing different crops, this caused less money from the sales of cotton and rice.

Advantage:300 of 640 major cities/towns have water shortages and 100 of these 640 face water scarcities, the dam now provides water for these towns/cities.

Disadvantage:The negative impact of the resettled people was not considered into the project. The flood control is largely ineffective.

Advantage:The dam-through hydroelectricity-has stopped the emission of around 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Disadvantage:Chongqing has a population of 30 million people, most of them displaced by the dam, there is now a shortage of jobs.

Disadvantage:Villages/towns on the side of the gorges that were already subject to landslides before the dam, now have much worse landslides. These cause damage to the houses whose residents cannot afford the repairs.

Advantage:A lot of rubbish is put, mostly not deliberate, into the river, new jobs have been created by this, people now have small boats and move around the dam/river to get the rubbish.


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