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Thoth was also called "Master of Equilibrum" because he helped a lot the other gods like he did the first mummification ritual to take back to life Osiris after he was murdered by his brother Set, and he helped Horus by taking away a poison that was put in him when he was very young. Thoth is said to be the recorder of all knowledge so egyptian mythology speaks of a book called the book of Thoth in which there was supposed to be all the knowledge of gods and if a person found it he would became the most powerful sorcerer in the world, it was said that this book is found in or near The Great Pyramid but there is no evidence, other people say that this book was called " the emerald tablets of Thoth" which is a information of dubious provenition.

Thoth is the god of moon and knowledge, to him are credited many things like geometry, astronomy and medicine, he is the scribe of the gods, he measured the Earth and he counts the stars. He records and knows all knowledge, and he is described has a man with an ibis head and most of the times with a lunar disk over his head or he is described as a dog with a ape head.

Thoth was one of the earliest gods and with the time egyptian started to make him more and more important. It was said that thoth restored teh moon which was Horus' eye and then the moon started to be more of a simbol for Thoth that Horus, it was also said that thoth together with his wife Maat traveled together with Ra in his nightly journeys.

ThothGod of writing,knowledge and moon

He was self-born at the beginning of time, and he is husband of Maat, brother and sometimes husband of Seshat.

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