Thorny devil

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Thorny devil

Thorny devil


A Thorny devil has a life span of 20 years maximam however some times it lives a shorter life

These lizards can consume more than a thousand ants at a time.Thorny Devils eat almost 45 ants in a minute.They can run at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour.Although Thorny Devils look fierce, they are not aggressive and would rather make use of their unusual adaptations to defend themselves

Thorny Devil is a prey animal. Its list of predators includes foxes, goannas, bobcats, coyotes, bustards, brown falcons and snakesbut there bigset predator are us humans aboriginal are the ones that eat the Thorny Devil the most.


Cool Facts

The Thorny devil eats small and ants drink water they can eat 1000 ants in one day

Food and water

Life Span

After coming out of the eggs, the young Devils dig their own way up to the surface. The newly born lizards are also equipped with spines just like their parents. Both the male and female lizards grow at same rates during the first year, after which the females start growing at a significantly greater pace. The growth rate varies from season to season and is slower during the winter. It takes at least 5 to 6 years for young Thorny Devils to reach full maturity.

Life cycle

Thorny devil


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