Thorny Devil by Chris Dunn

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Thorny Devil by Chris Dunn

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Thorny Devil

This fascinating creature is a Thorny Devil. As you can see, it has spines all over it, including the ones above his eyes. the Thorny Devil's color will vary from yellow to reddish brown to black, depending on what type of soil it crosses.

A Thorny Devil's total grow length is 20cm. Thorny Devils eat ants. They can eat from 600 to 3000 a meal. They can only eat one at a time, but can eat up to 45 ants a minute.

The Thorny Devil eats by sitting in front of the line of ants. When they get near enough, it flicks them up with it's sticky tounge.

One adaptation of the Thorny Devil is s that when predators are nearby, it places it's head between it's front legs, which shos a fake head or knob where a head should be. Another adaptation of the Thorny Devil is that they can puff themselves up which makes them look bigger.

The Thorny Devil lives in Western Australia and North and South Queensland. The climate is suprisingly well vegetated, and the lizards rule this land.

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Scientific name: Moloch horridus



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