[2015] Laurel O'Reilly: Thor and Loki:The Villain's Journey

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[2015] Laurel O'Reilly: Thor and Loki:The Villain's Journey

Thor and Loki: The Villain's Journey

In Marvel's film Thor, Loki's character development closely follows that of Thor's.As Thor experiences his Hero's Journey, Loki descends into villainy.

They start out as kids, learning to be kings together. It is also implied that they both view the Frost Giants as monsters to be feared and enemies to fight.

While Thor is exiled to Earth to atone for his mistakes and learn how to be a better person and hero, Loki manufactures his own Hero's Journey by lying to Thor and manipulating the Frost Giant King Laufey into murdering an incapacitated Odin.

Loki uses Laufey's attack to justify destroying Jotunheim, casting himself as hero in a conflict he created. Meanwhile, Thor sacrifices himself to protect his friends from Loki, showing true heroism in contrast to Loki's false act.

At the end of the film, it's revealed that Loki was trying to prove himself to Odin, much like Thor was at the beginning. However, his actions and plan to destroy Jotunheim were wrong whereas Thor learned that worthiness need not come from violence.



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