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Thomas Tallis

Thomas Tallis

Renaissance Composer/Organist

c. 1505

Born in Kent, United Kingdom

Major Works*Nine Psalm Chant Tunes*Spem in Alium*Sacrum Convivium*Lamentations of Jeremiah

His music showed the religious and political changes of the 16th century


Became Gentleman of the Chapel Royal.

organist at Dover Priory


Married Joan



He and William Byrd received rights to publish music by Queen Elizabeth I and jointly published Cantiones Sacrae.

Died in Greenwhich, England


Facts About Thomas Tallis• unreformed Roman Catholic• Little is known about his childhood• mentored William Byrd• most famous for composing the 40-part motet Spem in alium• works included sacred music

After being an organist at St Mary-le-Hill in Billingsgate, London he lost his job. This is when he searched and found his spot at Chapel Royal.

Served 3 other monarchs; Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary Tudor


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