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Thomas Paine

Lasting Impact

1737-Thomas Paine was born.1772-Paine writes his first publication, The Case of Officers and Excise.1776-Thomas publishes Common Sense.1791-Paine publishes Rights of Man.1792-Paine publishes the second part of Rights of Man.1795- Thomas publishes Age of Reason.1797- Paine publishes Agrarian Justice.1809-Thomas Paine died.

Ok! Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, of February 9th, 1737. He went to a grammar school in Thetford until 1749, then became his father's apprentice in the following year (1750). On july 1761, Thomas was hired as a supernumerary excise officer, also in Thetford, then continues his job in Lincolnshire, then eventually Alfolk. Then in 1765, Painewas fired from his job for forgeting some of the inspected goods. In 1772, Thomas publishes his first publication, The Case of the Officers of Excise. Sometime in 1774, Thomas was introduced to Benjamin Franklin, who was impressed with his work. Later on, They sailed to Pennsylvania. In 1775, Paine was hired as an editor for the Pennsylvania Magazine, which was new during that time. In 1777, Paine was hired as a secratary for the Congressional Committee of the Forein Affairs, but fired for secret negotiations with France. On March 13, 1791, Thomas published his pamphlet Rights of Man. A year later, he publishes the second part. Sometime in 1794, Thomas finished writing Age of Reason, and then published it a year later. Two years after that, Thomas publishes Agrarian Justice. !n 1809, Thomas Paines died 72 in New Rochelle, New York.

-Jan 9th, 1776, Thomas published the Pamphlet Common Sense.-March 13, 1791, Paine publishes Rights of Man, part one.-Feb 16, 1792, paine publishes Rights of Man, part two.-1795, Paine published Age of Reason.-1797, Thomas published Agrarian Justice.


I believe(-impact on history wise) Thomas Painee's The American Crisis is the most significant contribution. This is because his works motivated some critical turning points of the American revolutionary war. Thomas's works ( the TAC pamphlet in this case) greatly motivated the start of the revolutionary war, and motivated them some more, resulting in victory. His TAC (The American Crisis) pamphlet acted as a small guide, leading towards those important key events that gave America independence. It at least gave them the idea to do so in the first place. The world would be somewhat different today if Paine's works didn't influence some of the significant times of the American revolution, like if America became a giant British contintent; the change this big could affect the rest of the world's "future", and so on and such. (This possibility could be good or bad...) Many key quotes are still remembered today, but there are other works that Paine published back then that are rather significant today. (*cough-cough Age of Reason*)

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