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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was born in England on January 29, 1737. His father was a corset maker and a Quaker and his mother was an Anglican. He recieved little formal eductaion and failed out of school at the age of 12. He went to work with his father at the age of 13 but he failed. He had many other jobs in England but he all failed at them. Paine had a wife and a child but they both died at childbirth. In 1774, Paine met with Benjamin Franklin, who helped him emigrate to Philadelphia. Once he arrived in Philadelphia, he helped edit the Pennsylvania Magazine. After Lexington and Concord, Paine wrote a 50-page pamphlet called, "Common Sense" in 1776. Paine volunteered in the Continental army and during that time he started writing "The American Crisis." Thomas Paine then moved to England in 1787. Then in 1791 he wrote "The Rights of Man." This book made Paine an outlaw in England, so he moved to France. When he was in France he was put in prison for not voting for the execution of King Louis xvi. This happened in 1793. During his time in prison he started to write a book called "The Age of Reason." He was then released from prison in 1794. He stayed in France until 1802 when he returned back t0 America. He lived the rest of his life in America and died in New York City on June 8, 1809.

January 29, 1737- Thomas Paine was born in England. 1774- he met with Benjamin Franklin, who helped him emigrate to Philadelphia1776- he published "Common Sense"1776- he produced a pamphlet called "The American Crisis" 1791- he wrote "The Rights of Man" 1793- he was imprisoned in France 1794- he was released from prisoner1794- he wrote "The Age of Reason" 1802- returned to AmericaJune 8, 1809- Thomas Paine died in New York City.

Some of his accomplishments is writing "Common Sense" which was a instant best seller. He wrote a pamphlet called "The American Crisis" that was very popular. He also wrote "The Rights of Man" and "The Age of Reason." These pamphlets and books are famous.

Lasting Impact

He contributed to the American Revolution by inspiring the soldiers to keep going and not give up from "The American Crisis."

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