Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine

"These are the times that try men's souls."

Birthdate: February 9, 1737Birthplace: Thetford, EnglandEducation: Thetford Grammer SchoolMarriages: Elizabeth Ollive; March 26, 1771Works of Writing:-Common Sense (1776)-The American Crisis (1776-77)-The Right of Man (1791-92)-Age of Reason (1794-95, 1807)Death: June 8, 1809 New York City, NY-Died of natural causes

Thomas Paine

The Wisdom of the Time:While Thomas Paine was becoming an influential journalist many people of England believed that the American people of the colonies should stay under the rule of Great Britian. Paine's New Wisdom:Thomas Paine on the other hand believed that the American's should choose their own form of government. He also verbalized his thoughts through his writings. His writings became very popular and influencial for the American's under British Rule. Therefore: many Americans felt in favor of Paine and his thoughts.

Since Paine wrote in favor of the Americans there were many problems between him and the British government because he was a similar Englsihmen and since he was against what the British believed it automatically made his ideas wrong.

Reactions to Paine's Writing

Paine's Writing Affects the World

Thomas Paine affected the success of both the American and French Revolutions. His writings gave the people hope. He was willing to take any risk to get his ideas out there. Even if his ideas weren't in the public's best interest he continued speaking his mind, and he almost got killed for it. Paine was opinionated which made him a not likeable character, but this didn't phase him and continued to write his thoughts.

Thomas Paine's ideas and their impact in my opinion were for the best. His beliefs were put into words and changed the world and the way people saw it.

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