[2015] Bibi F Alli-Sineus: Thomas Paine and the Revolution

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[2015] Bibi F Alli-Sineus: Thomas Paine and the Revolution

Thomas Pain was born on February 9th, 1737 in Thetford, Norfolk. He spent most of his life aiding the needy through different venues and as an excise officer for the British Parliament where he encountered obstacles. His first published work was that of a pamphlet titled, The Case of the Officers of Excise, asking parliament for better pay and working conditions. He would later be fired for the pamphlet's popularity in London.He was then introduced to Benjamin Franklin, who was quite impressed with Paine's writing and suggested he move to the British Colonies overseas. In 1775 as the American Revolution begins, Paine receives an opportunity to write for the Pennsylvania Magazine, and there he publishes his famous 96 page Common Sense, which presented the colonists with a clear argument to free themselves of British rule. In December 1776, when the world around Thomas Paine was heading into war, he was told by the officers that his writings were invaluable, he was not to fight...but to write. He came out with the first of his "Crisis Papers."


1737 - Feb. 9th, Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, Norfolk.1769 - Becomes involved with the Society of Twelve, local political group. Also aids the poor through Church work.1774-On his way to the British Colonies, Paine almost dies from illness.1775-April 19th, the American Revolution begins.1776-Common Sense is published.1783- As General Washington's army find themselves at a low, Paine and a follower are able to borrow 10 million from France to keep the war going.1776-July 4th, the Declaration of Independence is created freeing the colonies from British Rule.1783 - Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolution.1787 - September 17th - The United States Constitution is adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, on behalf of "The People".

Paine continuously stood up for his beliefs and morals. He spoke out against killing the king of France at a risky time in history when rebels were killed without trial. Though accomplished many years after his death, Paine believed in the right to vote for all and voiced these concerns. Paine never charged for his writings, he wanted his message to be heard by all. His writings inspired George Washington's army after multiple failed battles, they still moved forward and won the Revolution.

Lasting Impact

Paine's writings have inspired thinkers and politicians all over the world to bring about a fairer society.


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Thomas Paine, Write for the Fight



Brief Summary of Paine's Argumentive Common Sense


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