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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine, named Thomas Pain at birth, was born on January 29, 1737 in England. He was taught by the school from ages seven to thirteen, generally studying in science and mechanics, and after became an apprentice to his father in order to learn the ways of trade. Feeling unhappy, he went from job to job: schoolteacher, a preacher, a tax collector, but none suited him. By 1774, he was divorced, with no source of income. Then, he met Benjamin Franklin, who invited him to the colonies. He went and became an author, finding that it was a job he could do well. His most famous works were published during the Revolution, titled ‘Common Sense,’ and ‘The Crisis.’ He served in the Continental Army, and later in the Continental Congress, but resigned in 1779, after posting confidential info. From then on, he traveled until his death on June 6, 1808.

Revolutionary Role

Thomas Paine accomplished many things through his life, which in turn led to him being named the “firebrand of the American Revolution.” His paper, ‘Common Sense,’ led to more people supporting the Revolution, and even inspiring George Washington. He fought in the Continental Army, and faced the hardships that all the other soldiers did, although he left after serving his time. He was the Second Continental Congress’s secretary, and even went on a diplomatic journey to France in order to appeal and get troops, supplies, and whatever he could. He wrote the sixteen issues of the Crisis, which inspired troops to fight for freedom, even though they were injured, freezing, and could leave at anytime.


“Freedom has been hunted around the globe. Asia and Africa have expelled her . . . and England has given her warning to depart. O, receive the fugitive and prepare in time an asylum for mankind!”This quote is obviously talking about freedom. During the time, Africa and Asia were homes to slavery, and England was, of course, opposed to the independence of the colonies. Thomas Paine is talking about turning America into a place where everyone, no matter their background, can be free.


ThomasPaineThe "firebrand" of the American Revolution.


Claim: Thomas Paine was an influential author who contributed greatly to the Revolution, and without him we wouldn’t have the independence we have today.

Aleena ThomasPeriod 5

Thomas Paine demonstrated that one didn't need a sword to fight.

Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense, a booklet that convinced many to support the Patriots.


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