Thomas nast-Deedee J

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Thomas nast-Deedee J

Thomas Nast was a Political cartoonist born in 1840. He was considered to be the "Father of the American Cartoon." Since he was so talented, his drawings appeared in harpers weekly when he was just 18. Some of the things he is most known for are the creation of the modern santa clause, the political symbol of the elephant for the republican party, and making the Donkey more popular. Nast was a democrat, his cartoons supported american indians. He wanted to abolish slavery and opposed to racial segregation which was seen through his drawings. Nast's drawing of Boss Tweed was a big cause of his downfall. He called it The "Brains" which implied that he only cared about money. One of his drawings was said to re-elect Lincoln in 1864.

Political cartoonist

Thomas Nast



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