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Thomas More

By Kindra HunkeH. World HistoryBlue 2Due September 23

Thomas More was born on February 7, 1478 in London, England. He was the only surviving child to Sir John More and Agnes Graunger. In his early years, he attended St. Anthony's School, one of the best school's in his day. More continued his education at Oxford University, where he studied a diverse range of subjects. In February of 1496, More was admitted to Lincon's Inn, one of England's four legal societies, and in 1501 he bacame a full lawyer. Time passed and More became torn between a life as a lawyer and a monastic calling, and in 1503 moved to a monastary. He adopted a monk's way of life as much as his legal career would permit, and it would influence him for the rest of his life. Additionally, More was an author and in 1516 he published Utopia, which discussed the topics of equal rights, religious tolerance, and also challenged materialism. In about 1521, More became treasurer of England's exchequer and also served as King Henry's secratary. Conflicts between the two, includeing More's refusal to accept the king as the head of the Church of England, resulted in More being tried for treason. Thomas More was beheaded on July 6, 1935, leaving behind the final words: "The king's good servant, but God's first."

Impact on the Renaissance


1478 - Born1501 - Becomes lawyer1504 - Joins Parliament1516 - Publishes Utopia1535 - Dies1935 - Canonized as a saint

Thomas More's Utopia discussed and challenged many topics, such as equal rights, and others in his time were greatly influenced by his opinions.In addition, More is thought to be the author of the first masterpiece of English histiography, the novel History of King Richard III. It influenced many historians, including William Shakespeare.

Impact on Today's World

Thomas More


Sir Thomas More

Philosopher, Lawyer, Saint, Journalist,Devout Catholic

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In 1935, Thomas More was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church. Today, he is acknowledged as the patron saint of lawyers. His feast day is June 22nd. Additionally, Thomas More College, a Catholic liberal arts institution, was named in his honor. Thomas More's many contributions to the Renaissance and our world today, including his many works of literature, his sainthood, and much more have greatly impacted history as well as our world today.


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