Thomas Keller, French Laundry

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Thomas Keller, French Laundry

Thomas Keller was born in California but he grew up in Florida. He worked at the al Beash Yacht Club starting as a dishwasher and quickly moving up to cook. That was when he discovered his passion for cooking. He opened his first restaurant, Rakel, in New York City in 1986. His style is French Food. His old mentor was Roland Henin. Keller is the author of five cookbooks, is a chef and a restauranter. He has a lot o restaurants all over the country. Thomas Keller worked in severeal Michelin-starred houses including Guy Savoy and Taillevent. He began his culinary career at a young age and owns his own restaurants.

Some Restaurants

2001: Food and Wine - Favorited Restaurant in the US.2004: Readers' Digest - Best Chef2011: The New York Times - Four-Star Rating2013: Wine Spectator - Grand Award, annually since 2006.

Vountville: - The French Laundry- Bouchon Bistro- Bouchon Bakery- Ad HocNew York: - Per Se- Bouchon Bakery ' Café- Bouchon BakeryLas Vegas: - Bouchon Bistro- Bouchon BakeryBeverly Hills:- Bouchon Bistro- Bar Bouchon- Bouchon Bakery

Why is he famous?

Thomas Keller is renowned for his culinary skills and his exceptionally high standards. He has established a collection of restaurants that set a new paradigm within the hospitality profession.

Some Recipes

- Smoked Salmon Crisps- Lemon-Brined Fried Chicken- Iceberg Wedges with Bacon and Buttermilk Dressing-BLT Fried Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich- Over-the-Top Mushroom Quiche

The French Laundry

Some Awards

Thomas Keller

Smoked Salmon Crisps


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