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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the author of “A Summary View of the Rights of British America”. He wrote this in July of 1744. A Summary View of the Rights of British was about justifications of the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. Also about how the Parliament had no right to govern the colonies.

Helped find the Virginia Committee of Correspondence.

Thomas Jefferson was asked to write the Declaration of Independence along with the help of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. They met several times to dicuss ideas for it but Jefferson came up with most of it.

Jefferson was elected the 2nd governor of Virginia on June 1,1779.

Thomas Jefferson got some of his ideas for the Declaration of Independence from a man named George Masin. For example the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He also read a lot of important books before that helped him during the writing process.

During the Revolutionary War Jefferson served as the U.S minister to France. Also as the U.S secretary of state.

Jefferson was not a part of the Constitutional Convention because he was in France. He was kept up to date though from James Madison and he gave feedback.

Thomas Jefferson believed that the legislation should limit the power of the goverment and strengthen the power of the people.

During his time as the minister to France his main job was to negotiate loans and trade agreements. Jefferson spent about 5 years in France.

Thomas Jefferson was elected into the Continental Congress because of his paper "A Summary View of the Rights of British America. His main job was to the write the draft for the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson approved of the first government. He had a major role in planning and constructing it.


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