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Thomas Jefferson


1743- Jefferson is born1769- Jefferson is elected to the House of Burgesses1772- Jefferson marries Martha Wayles Skelton1775-1783 - Revolutionary War is fought1775- Jefferson is elected to the Second Continental Congress1776 - Jefferson writes the Declaration of Independence1779- Jefferson becomes the governor of Virginia1782 - Martha dies on Sept. 61790- Jefferson is appointed the first secretary of state1801 - Jefferson became the third president of the United States 1819- The University of Virginia is founded by Jefferson1826 - Jefferson dies at Monticello

1. Thomas Jefferson passed the Virginia bar in 1767 and practiced law, which helped him learn to think and write.2. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declation of Independence, which was signed at the Second Continental Congress.3. Thomas Jefferson used concepts from a pamphlet he wrote in 1774 named "A Summary View of the Rights of British America" in the Declaration of Independence.4. The Declaration of Independance declared freedom from England, declared "All men have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness", and government is to serve people.5. Thomas Jefferson also wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. It was signed at the VA General Assembly in Richmond, VA and to declare Virginians free to worship anyway they please.


- Thomas Jefferson Voice of Liberty By Andrew Santella-

Thomas JeffersonA Great Thinker and Leader



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