Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13,1743. It was at Shadwell, it was a slave plantation in Virginia. When he was 14 his father died, in his will he left him 3,000 acres of land and 30 slaves. When he was 17 he attended the college of William and Mary, he practiced law. With those acres of land he started building Monticello. He designed the houses, gardens and workshops. Jefferson soon married a girl named Martha Wayles Skelton, they had six children. In 1775 he was elected to Congress. While he was in congress he wrote the Declaration of Independance. From 1779-1781 he was the governer of Virginia. When he was done with being governer he returned to Monticello. In 1782 Jefferson's wife died. In 1785 he left for France. His daughters Martha and Mary went to college there. He left France four years later. In 1796 Jefferson ran for president but lost to John Adams. He became vice president. Jefferson later ran for president and won, he was president from 1801-1809. While he was president he bought Louisiana from France. In 1804 his daughter Mary died. When he wasn't president anymore he returned to Monticello and started the University of Virginia. Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, he was 83


1743 - Born1760 - College1772 - Married1779 - Governer1796 - Ran1801 - President1804 - Died

Thomas Jefferson had three major accomplishments. He wrote the Declaration of Independance, the holiday Fourth of July honors this day. Another accomplishment of his was he created theUniversity of Virginia in 1804. Jefferson's last accomplishment was he created Monticello, it was a mountain that had houses, workshops, and gardens. He was 26 years old when he built Monticello.

Why he's a hero

Thomas Jefferson has three reasons that he is a hero. They are he is brave, skilled, and smart. He is brave because since he wrote the Declaration of Independance he could have been put to death by Great Britian. Jefferson is skilled because he built a place called Monticello on a mountain, it had gardens, workshops, and houses. The final thing is that he is very smart, he is smart because he started the University of Virginia.


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