Thomas Jefferson

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Politicians and Presidents

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Thomas Jefferson

He was born in Virginia 1743(Virginia wasa Britishcolony.)

He was in the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary war was the colonists vs Great Britain.

He owned slaves on his plantation and it was calledMonticello.

In 1797 he got to be a lawyer because he wanted to go to court to fight for his own rights.

He loved to read and write on his farm where he grew up.

They had the Revolutionary War because the colonists wanted to have their own rights and the colonists won.

He wrote the Declaration of Independence.He wrote that because he wanted to have freedom.

He got married to Martha Wayles Skelton in 1772.


He also helped form the University Of Virginia.

In 1801 he became the 3rd president of the USA.

Thomas Jefferson was brave because he was wiling to go to war and fight for his own rights.He died in 1826.

by MatthewGonzalez

He made the USA become a country and later on he helped buy the Louisiana territory from France. That made the US double its land.


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