Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson made the Declaration Of Independence and the Declarations birthday is July 4th

The house below iscalled MonticelloThis is Jefferson's Home

Thomas Jefferson had a wife named Martha and two of their kids went to adult age

Who Was Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson was a peaceful gentleman. The Declaration of Independence is a famous document he wrote. Thomas Jefferson designed his own home called Monticello. Jefferson owned more then 6000 books.Thomas Jefferson was bornApril 2nd 1743. Jefferson was intrested in the violin. Jefferson invented the cipher wheel and an improved plow and sundial. Thomas had 5 children but only 2 survived to adult age. Jefferson's wife was named Martha. Thomas Jefferson wrotethe Declaration of Independence and everyone was happy about Jefferson's accomplishment.Mary Goddard was told to write copys of the Declaration of Independence for the thirteen colonies. Thomas Jefferson was voted for the 3rd president. Jefferson wrote letters to his children. Jefferson accomplished his home, his inventions, the Declaration of Independence, and being 3rd president.Thomas Jefferson is agentleman of freedom. Jefferson died at the age of 85 years old on July 4th 1828.

Thomas Jefferson was born April 2nd 1743 and diedJuly 4th 1828

The Flute Music

The Declaration of IndependenceMade 1776

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