Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born April 17, 1748 in Virginia. He studied law and became apart of the Virginia Bar in 1767. He is most famous for his role in the creation of the Declaration of Independece. Before he became president Jefferson served as a delegate in Virginia's House of Delegates.In 1809 Jefferson retired from his Presidency. He also devoted himself to the founding of the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson died July 4, 1826. His original tombstone stated, "Here was buried Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of American Independence of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom Father of the University of Virginia"


1743 - Jefferson's Birth1768 - Elected to House of Burgesses1783 - Elected Delegate to Congress1797-1783 - Served as U.S. Vice President1809 - Retired from presidency and public life

* Purchase the Lousiana territory from the French in 1803.* Advocated State rights.* Cut federal government spending* Reduce national debt

Lasting Impact

The Virginia dynasty along with the American national creed.



Thomas Jefferson




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