Thomas Jefferson

by Brockstars
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Social Studies

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Thomas Jefferson

As we walked up to the monument, we didn't even realize that there was a huge statue of Jefferson standing in the middle, overlooking the Tidal Basin. When we passed th columns to align in the middle, we saw him and it was truly inspiring.

We were blown away by the spectacle of this gorgeous monument overlooking the Tidal Basin. It was truly splendid!

The view from inside is breathtaking!

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

This monument truly memorializes a great leader in our country's history. I felt inspired, awestruck, and honored to be standing there. It felt as if I were meeting him in person.

The Jefferson Memorial honors Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, first secretary of state, and third president of the United States. Located on the Tidal Basin next to the National Mall in Washington, DC, the memorial's circular, colonnaded structure that is modeled after the Roman Pantheon.

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