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Thomas Jefferson (Literature-TJ)

Thomas Jefferson grew up wanting to be a leader, and during the Revolutionary War, he did just that. He became the 3rd President of the United States of America, but he had to acheive this by doing a favor for the war, and he then eventually wrote the Declaration of Independence to claim his thrown. Jefferson was important to the Revolutionary War because he helped throughout the war to claim victory, and even after the war, Jefferson wrote the document that led to our independence and freedom from Great Freedom.


1.) Jefferson became married to Martha Jefferson and shortly after became a fisrt time father of a baby boy/girl. This shaped his life because after he had met Martha, he learned how to become a great father and handle congress and the babies. It shaped the part of fatherhood and marrage.2.) As of today, Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States and was the first president to live in the mansion, The White House.This shaped his life because he got the chance to experience what predidentcy was like and be able to rule the United States was a huge advantage for him and made Thomas feel his courage.

As little as you know him, Thomas Jefferson did some pretty amazing things duing life, such as....1.) He inspired many people to follow in his footsteps and become a believer of the rights of freedom and independence because he wrote the Declaration of Independence which shows he cares for freedom and obviously independence, but also was the third president which inspired many to follow with his experience.2.) Thomas Jefferson was the fisrt president to ever step and live in the mansion known as The White House, which he also helped construct. This was a huge accomplishment because today, we honor his great service as president and how he helped to create the beautiful building that stands in Washington D.C.3.) He became the United States Secretary of State which was amazing because he then helped people understand what he was doing to help them.4.) Jefferson made another amazing building known as Monticello where he lived for quite a while with his family, friends, and some slaves along with his pets. As of this day, Monticello is visited by millions of people of the U.S. Monticello was a huge accomplishment because it was one of his homes and was soon able to double the land there in the late 1790's!!!

Important People

1.) George Wythe had taught Thomas Jefferson to as a kid about law, plus was a close and personal friend of Jefferson's, which they even then signed theeclaration of Independence together!!2.) Dabney Carr was another one of Thomas Jefferson's close and personal friend since they were young gentlemen. Dabney and Thomas also went to the same 1 house school where they had then also met Geroge Wythe.3.) Peter Jefferson was Thomas's father who was one of the first to make the map of Virginia. Peter was also a very successful surveyor that knew the land well and tought Thomas the land as well.4.) Jane Randolph was Thomas Jefferson's mother and had 2 children before Thomas, but then had 5 others after Thomas was born. Jane made the clothes for Jefferson, cooked every meal for him, and payed for his studies in school.

Now introducing the third president of America, Mr. Thomas Jefferson!!


1.) Thomas Jefferson is a leader becasue he has inspired many to follow in his footsteps and become president an/or write a fomous document that changes the world. He puts the lead in leader!2.) Thomas Jefferson was also trustworthy and dedicated because his wife, Martha Jefferson, died on September 6th, 1782 at the age of 33 leaving behind her family and children. He made an oath to promise that he will never marry again, and although he flirted with several other woman, he still kept his loyalty and promise to Martha.3.) The last thing Thomas Jefferson was is being brave becasue, again, he had lost his wife and had to take care of his children alone, but also because he risked the fact about how he could almost have become injured in the Revolutionary war and writing the Declaration of Independence!!

Experiences that changed his life

Character traits

Interesting Facts

1.) Thomas Jefferson was born when Issac Newton unlocked the secrets of motion, movement, and gravity, when John Locke declared that men were all born equal, and Denis Dideroit was putting together the first Encyclopedia!!!2.) Thomas was the 3rd to be born and had 2 sisters before him, meaning they are his older sisters, 4 younger sisters, and a younger brother. What a family!!!3.) Thomas Jefferson became friends with his slaves that worked at his home called Monticello, which his mother and father forbid him to do, but did it anyways. Jefferson also became closer friends with other blacks that were freed of slavery.

Thomas Jefferson's statue in Philidalphia


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