Thomas Jefferson and The Louisiana Purchase Timeline

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Thomas Jefferson and The Louisiana Purchase Timeline






Spain cedes Louisiana to France. New Orleans is closed to American shipping.




Thomas Jefferson and The Louisiana PurchaseTimeline

Monroe, Livingston, and Barbé-Marbois agree on the terms of sale on April 30. Approximately 827,000 square miles of territory was purchased for 15 million dollars.

In January Jefferson asked Congress to fund a expedition that would cross the Louisiana territory and on to the Pacific, regardless of who controlled it. This would become the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

On July 4, the purchase is officially announced in the United States and on October 20, the U.S. Senate ratifies the purchase treaty.

France cedes New Orleans and Louisiana west of the Mississippi to Spain but in 1800 Spain secretly agrees to return Louisiana to France in exchange for a small kingdom in Italy.

On April 11 Foreign Minister Talleyrand tells, minister to France, Robert Livingston that France is willing to sell all of Louisiana.After being sent to France by President Jefferson, On April 12 James Monroe arrives in Paris and joins Robert Livingston in negotiations with Finance Minister Barbé-Marbois.

"This little event, of France's possessing herself of Louisiana, is the embryo of a tornado which will burst on the countries on both sides of the Atlantic and involve in it's effects their highest destinies

Thomas Jefferson became the thrid president of the United States of America on February 17.

René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, claims for France all territory drained by Mississippi River from Canada to Gulf of Mexico and names it Louisiana.



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