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Thomas Jefferson, A Revolutionary Icon

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." - Thomas Jefferson

Famous Quotation:

THOMAS JEFFERSONA Revoluntionary Icon

Historical facts about our famous founding-father....* Draftsman of the Declaration of Independence* Wrote the Declaration of Religious Freedom* First Secretary of State* Second Vice President of the United States* Third President of the United States* Responsible for the Louisiana Purchase* He was a writer, inventor, lawyer, architect, inventor, farmer and musician.* Designed and built Monticello, his plantation home outside of Charlottesville.* Designed, help build, and founded the University of Virginia.* Jefferson was a very gifted violin player.* He invented the hideaway bed, the lapdesk, the mechanical dumbwaiter, macaroni and cheese (along with a macaroni press), a revolving book stand, and the pedometer.* Owned 6,487 books.* Wrote over 19,000 letters in his lifetime.* Kept mockingbirds as pets. His favorite was named Dick.

Thomas Jefferson


Revolving Book Stand

Macaroni and Cheese


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