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thomas jackson

Thomas Jackson

Military Education-as a teenager, he came in 2nd place in his entrance exam in the US military academy-when the winner dropped out, he took 1st-gratuated in 1846

Early Life-born in Clarksburg, VA-born on Jan. 21 1824-when 7, his parents were dead.-His uncle took custody and sent him to West Point to support his family.

Second battle of Bullrun-Jackson attacked the federal Garrison at Harpers Ferry and after a 2 day seige the north had to surrender.-He then went to Antietam to help out Lee. Though they had to retreat to the otherside of the Potomac the south were able eject the north out of Virgina.

Battles of Fredericsburg and Chancellorsvile-At the battle of Fredericsburg Jackson was attacked by General Burnside but the south's army was ready for it and was able to fend off the Union.-At the battle of Chancellorsville Hooker took over the Union army and lead an attack on the Confederates. Lee held the main army and Jackson lead his forces to attack Hooker's right flank. This would be Jackson's last win, for while he was leading a attack on the retreating union one of his men mistook himk for a union officer and shot him in the shoulder. Nine days later he died of pneumonia, and was buried at Lexington, Virginia.

Seven Days Battle- George McClellan marched his troops Richmond to try and end the war early. If it wasn't for Jackson and his 3,000 troops, then Mclellan would have been successful. Though the north were considered victorious. The south were able to protect their capital.

Civil War Career-he became colonel in the Civil War, and he turned a bunch of new recruits into well trained troops-he was in the first battle of Bull Run-led a counterattack against the Union, causing him to win the battle, and obtain his name of "Stonewall" Jackson



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