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Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

Thomas HopkinsGallaudet

LifeDecember 10, 1787 – September 10, 1851Born in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaMoved to Hartford, Connecticutt in 1800Bachelor's Degree from Yale at 17, in 1805Master's Degree from Yale in 1808After meeting Alice Cogswell (immortalized to the right), the deaf daughter of his neighbor, he travelled to Europe to study teaching methods for deaf students.

Met Laurent Clerc (below, left) and Mason Cogswell (below, right) on his trip to Europe.Gallaudet persuaded Clerc to return to America where they would raise funds to start a school for the education of the deaf.Along with Cogswell, the men started the first institution in North America, which later became known as the American School for the deaf.


LegacyMarried Sophia FowlerHad 8 childrenYoungest child, Edward Miner Gallaudet, founded the first college for the deaf, now known as Gallaudet Unversity.

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