Thomas Hobbes: Block 3

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Thomas Hobbes: Block 3

Thomas Hobbes was one of the founders of the modern political philosophy and also of political science. - It was said his understanding of humans as being matter and motion, obeying the same physical laws as other matter and as motion remains influential.- His thought of political communities as being based on a "Social Contract" which remains one of the major topics today in political philosophy


-English Philosopher, best known today for his work on Political Philosophy. -His book "Leviathan", completed in 1651 officially established his foundation for most of western political philosophy of the Social Contract Theory

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Ethics,History & Political Philosophy





Political Philosophy

Thomas HobbesBorn: April 5th, 1558Died: December 4th, 1679- 91 Years of Age

English, British

Most scholars now accept that Hobbes himself had a much more complex view of human motivation.

-His main concern is the problem of social and political order. -For example how humans can live together in peace and avoid the danger and fear of civil conflict.- One controvesy had people thinking if Thomas Hobbes saw human beings as purely self-interested and egoisticThis led some to think his political conclusion can be avoided if we adopt a more realistic picture of human nature.


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