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Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham helped to find the Chemical Society of London in 1841 and also became the first president of it. He stayed in the University for 20 years and was generally acknowledged as the leading chemist in England until his death in September 16, 1869.

Thomas Graham was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on December 21, 1905. He entered the University of Glasgow at the age of 14 in 1819. After recieving his M.A. in 1826, Graham worked for 2 years with Thomas Charles Hope at the University of Edinburgh.

Glasgow, Scotland

Thomas Graham

Grahams Law of Effusion shows the relationship between the molar or molecular of a gas and the rate at which it will effuse. Effusion is process of gas molecules escaping through tiny holes in their container.

Grahams Law of Effusion goes more along with anything that has gas in it, such as a helium balloon. One might see that a balloon that was once full of helium, is droopy and smaller after awhile due to the helium gas escaping it through microscopic holes.



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