Thomas Edward Lawrence

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Thomas Edward Lawrence

Thomas learned as a boy that his brothers were born out of wedlock, and his father, Sir Robert Chapman, who was known as Robert Lawrence, ran away with the governess.

ThomasEdwardLawrenceBorn: August 15th, 1888Died:May 13th, 1935

1907- Scholarhip to Jesus College at Oxford1909- Walking tour of Syria, Palestine, and parts of Turkey1914- Joined British army~Cario, Egypt~Intelligence soldier1925- Royal Air Force employment1927- Wrote The Seven Pillars of Wisdom


~Stood at five feet, five inches~Loved history-Knights and castles~Four brothers, One sister

After his trip to Syria, Thomas gained a huge love for the Arabs and wanted to learn more about their culture.

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1916-Lawrence began work with the Turkish sheik, Fesial, to launch a full-scale revolt of the tribes.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement, which promised Syria to the French which would not give Syria independence, was unknown to Lawrence, and when the war ended he was outraged.

At the height of his fame, Lawrence resigned, disgusted, and enlisted with the Royal Air Force under the name of John Hume Ross. When his identity was discovered, he joined the Royal Tank Corps under the name of Thomas Edward Shaw.

1925- Lawrence returned to the Air Force as Shaw, serving in England and in India for ten years.

In the last 12 years of his life, Lawrence owned seven motorcycles. May 13, 1935- Lawrence was in an accident near his home - he tried to avoid two boys on bicycles, lost control and slammed into the ground.


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