Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Before the light bulb was invented it was very difficult to light up a room after the sun went down. It took lots of candles and oil lamps to light up a room, but it left lots of soot everywhere. It also let people be able to work at night which let them make more money and be more productive. It took a number of years for it to become affordable, but once it was it was a great invention.

AboutThomas Edison was born February 11th 1847 in Milan and died October 18th 1931 ( aged 84) in New Jersey. Edison was the youngest of six siblings. He couldn't talk until he was 4 years old. Thomas had 6 children, 3 with Mary Stilwell and the other 3 with Mina Miller. Although he went to school his mum still home-schooled him. He used to sell lollies and newspapers to make money. When he was younger he got ear infections, which left him with hearing difficulties in both ears, that would eventually leave him nearly deaf as an adult.

How the light bulb changed us

Thomas Edison was an Amerian inventor and businessman. One of the things he improved on was the electric light bulb. Edison started his serious research in 1878, later in October 1879 he improved on the electric lights.

Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb from scratch. He simply advanced the use of the light bulb by using different materials such as carbonized thread which made the light bulb work better. After he had made the light bulb work better, his next challenge was to make an entire electrical distribution system that could work for big cities.

About Thomas Edison

His life

Photo of inventor 1847-1931

After 1,200 experiments in 1879 he finally made a discovery in making the light bulb better at Menlo Park.

Light bulb

Making of the light bulb

Past life

Making the light bulb



His Improvement


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