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Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847.He was born in Milan, Ohio. Edison’s mother was Nancy and his father was Samuel.

Education: Edison only went to elementary school for two months. He was home schooled by his mother.

Personal Life: Youth1. Edison had 6 siblings.2. He liked reading, chemistry and other sciences. 3. Edison's first work was selling candy and publishing newspapers.4. He saved a child from getting run over by a train while working at the Grand Truck Railroad. The child’s father was very thankful to him. He taught Edison the art of telegraphing.

Personal Life:Adult1. Edison was married to Mary Stilwell. She was only 16 when they married. She died from a brain tumor.2. Edison remarried two years later. He married Mina Miller. 3. Edison had 3 children with Mary Stilwell. They were 1 daughter Marion and two sons Thomas and Charles.4. Edison had 3 more children with Mina Miller. They were Madeleine, Theodore and Charles. 5. Edison traveled all over the world working on inventions such as telegraphy, electric light inventions, phonography and motion pictures.

Career Highlights Edison was a newpaper boy and publisher of his own newspaper called The Grand Herald. Along with creating the lightbulb. Edison also created the motion picture graph, phonograph and photograph. The motion picture tool he invented was the kinetograph which was a camera that recorded photos at a fast speed and you could watch them on the kintoscope. The kintoscope was a peep hole viewer that played them quickly so they appeared like there was movement. The phonograph recorded audio sounds using a foil disc. You listened to sounds such as music with it.The photograph was an invention that Edison wanted to create to improve film at a lower cost. Edison was a well-known scientist of his time.

The one thing Thomas Edison is best known for is inventing the electric light bulb that stayed lit for a long period of time. He experimented with filaments and his first successful light bulb stayed lit for 40 hours.

Thomas Edison conducted research in his lab at Menlo Park that he built in New York. His father, Samuel, helped him build it. Edison recorded his observations. He kept notes and sketches of his work in journals. These journals were very thick and full of scientific notes. He created over 3,400 notebooks in his lifetime.

Thomas Edison chose his profession as a scientist because when he was a child he was interested in reading, history, and science. He liked doing experiments and began chemistry experiments when he was 12 years old. He made his own laboratory in his basement back then.

Edison died on October 18, 1931. Edison died at Glenmont in Llewellyn Park in New Jersey. He was buried behind his house. Thomas died from diabetes.

Edison’s last public announcement was, “I have lived a long time… have faith. Go forward.”

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