Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt

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Inventors and Inventions

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Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt

Thomas Edison was one of the most famous inventors in American history. He recorded over 1,093 patents covering many different fields. The fields he focused on covered: telecommunications, electric power, sound recording, motion pictures, primary storage batteries, and mining and cement technologies. His inventions and innovations are seen everywhere today including the 300 companies that market his inventions. In this scavenger hunt you will look through a biography of Thomas Edisons life. While you are doing the research you will be creating a timeline of his life. Watch the video to the right and then go to: Thomas Edison Biography to answer the following questions.

Have you ever felt like Edison here?

Edison's Lightbulb!

What was Thomas Edison doing during these years? How do you think what he did during these years affected and helped his later inventions?

Go to: Thomas Edison Patentand look at Thomas Edison's application for a patent for the lightbulb. What has changed from this image he drew of the lightbulb to todays lightbulb? What are some specific things that you notice about these documents? What things have changed in writing documents from then to today?

Invention Mania!








When and where was Thomas Edison born? What was his family like?

What kind of things did Edison work on during this time? What was his inventions? How do you see these inventions used today?

What inventions did he create in Menlo Park? How did those inventions effect the way we live today?

Who did Edison work with during this time period? What did he work on? Why do you think Edison recieved all the credit for this information?

What happened this year? What things did he accomplish by this time? What difference did he make in our world today by this time?


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