[2015] Thridev Elangow: Thomas Edison

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Inventors and Inventions

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[2015] Thridev Elangow: Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a american inventor. He has invented alot of things such as phonograph, the motion picture camera and the long-lasting light bulb.1855 Thomas Edison goes to school for a short time, and the teachers at his school thought he was not a very bright child.1862 Edison moves to Boston and starts making devices.In 1870 he opens his first ever manufacture shop. one year later he married Mary Stilwell and she gives birth to three children.


In 1870, Thomas Edison opens his first ever manufacture shop in Boston.In 1878, Edison starts work on eletric light and delevop other inventions to make light like wire, switches and fuses.In 1879, Edison and his team invent the worlds first light bulb.

Lasting Impact

Thanks to Edison's work our world is way more brighter thans to him.


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The first light bulb


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