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Thomas Douglas

Douglas was the first leader of the New Democatic party. He had lead the first socialist government elected in Canada. After travelling throughtout North America in 1808 he revised the propasl he created (6yrs ago) to establish a colony in the Red River. The in 1811 he signed an agreement with the HBC( owner of the territory) In exchange for the settlement Hbc sold 116,000 square miles for 10 shingles. Settlers then started to arrive by the end of summer in 1812.

interesting fact: in 1778 he was almost kidnapped by john paul jones

though two of his brothers had died in infancy he had no prospect of inheriting the title until his mid twenties

The last years of his life were spent defending himself against false charges of stealing land and supplies from the North West Company.

In 1811 he received from the Company a grant of 116,000 square miles in the Red River valley for purposes of colonization.

Thomas Douglas


Thomas Douglas was the 5th Earl of Selkirk. He was born on June 20,1771 in Scotland and passed away on February 24,1986. He was the 7th son of the 4th Earl of Selkirk.

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1919 - imigrated to canada and settled in Winnipeg 1924- enter ministry1931 - established a local association of the independent labour party

As a boy Douglas had been quiet and not strong, but he was apparently well liked at the University of Edinburgh which he entered at the age of 14. There he followed a general course in the humanities with some studies in law.

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married Jean Wedderburn-colville in 1807


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