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Thomas Douglas


Thomas Douglas, Lord Selkirk, 5th Earl of the Selkirk. He was Scottish and he was the seventh son of the 4th Earl of Selkirk (His dad). Two of his brothers died when they were born. When he was a kid he wasn't strong but he did well in school and he enter the University of Edinburgh when he was 14 years old. His other siblings died of the yellow fever and tuberculosis and after his father died in 1799 whne he was 28 years of age, he because the 5th Earl of Selkirk. He worked for the HBC. He went to live in the North West a little later to find a place he could help his people settle in. He saw the Red River and saw its potential so he wanted to use his wealth to obtain the land. The HBC gave him 116 000 square kilometers of the land for the purspose of colonizing people. Although he obtained the land that he so wanted to make settlement for the Scottish farmers and people, he did not know what the journey there would be like. So he sent the first party led by Miles Macdonnel to go down to the river to start colonizing and start settling and farming there. Of course them not knowing what they had to be prepared for came back after a failure. They went and came back several times before they finally settled there successfully for good. But it wasn't until years later when Thomas actually went down to the RRC to check up on how things were going there. There were charges of justice brought upon him. The trial was long and he lost it in 1818. In 1820 he returned to England but died due to bad health.

1771 - Birth Date1799 - Fathers Death1803 - Obtained land from PEI1807 - Married Jean Wedderburn-Colville1811 - Established RRC1820 - Death


1. What year was Thomas Douglas born in?2. When did Thomas establish the RRC?3. How old was he when he died?Answers:1: 17712:18113:49 years old


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Thomas Douglas (Lord Selkirk)

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Contributions to Canada

He was the one who successfully planted settlement for Scottish farmers at the Red River Colony. Because of this many firsts nations people began to settle and marry with the settlers of Red River Colony. Also he's on a mail sticker thing.


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