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Thomas Dekker

1572- Born1598- Became Playwright1600- Wrote Best Piece Of Work "Shoemaker's Holiday"1613- Into Prison For Debt1619- Out Of Prison1627-1632- Provided Lord Mayor's Pageant1632- Died

Lasting Impact

Thomas Dekker impacted the future of dramatics. He enhanced the genres of comedy and tragicomedy. Overall, Thomas Dekker helped create theatre the way it is today!


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Thomas Dekker


Thomas Dekker was a very famous playwright and dramatist during the Elizabethan Era. Dekker is believed to be born in London the year 1572. As many other famous people back in the ages, little information is known about them. Through ancestry and latin translation, Thomas Dekker is suspected to be Dutch and have attended grammar school. Dekker started his theatre writing in the middle 1590's. Dekker did not work by himself, he was associated with the prostigious group of dramatists named the Admiral's Men, whom were under the owner Philip Henslowe. Over the course of his career/ life, Thomas wrote many plays, usually under the genres of comey and tragicomedy. "Full of bold action, careless about generic differences, and always (in the end) complementary to the values and beliefs of such audiences, his drama carried some of the vigorous optimism of Elizabethan dramaturgy into the Caroline era ("The Life of Thomas Dekker (1570?-1632)," para 4)."


Watch The Trailer Of One Of Thomas Dekker's Most Famous Plays; "The Shoemaker's Holiday"

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