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Thomas Cole

More Information: ~Thomas Cole: National Historical Site~

Biography:Thomas Cole was born on February 1, 1801 in a town called Bolton-le-Moor in England. In the year 1818 however, he moved to America with his family and quickly found work as an engraver's assistant and an apprentice of a designer of calico prints. The next year, he joined his family in Steubenville, Ohio, where he learned the basics of oil painting. Later in April of 1815, he went to New York where his family also relocated and made paintings of the landscapes there, which then his works started be increase in demand with patrons. Later on, he tried to create a higher style of landscape that then because of mixed reviews, started to travel and study in Europe. In 1836, He married Maria Barstow and settled in Catskill and later taking another trip to Europe in 1841. Three years later, he accepted Frederic Edwin Church as a pupil. 7 years later, he died and his influence still lives on of American landscape paintings.

Thomas Cole

The PresentThomas Cole

Dream of ArcadiaThomas Cole

Analysis:Thomas Cole and the Hudson River school artists were all together with one idea they all had in mind. It was their paintings would bring spiritual renewal and contribute to a unique American culture. He helped found the Hudson River school and their artwork helps make other artists get a concept of how America is an Eden by painting nature at it's best. Their idea gives a meaning to America as a place where God is shining at while thier concept helps emphasize it. The paintings all show a light the makes the object of the figure seem important kind of how in their beliefs that god is shing down on that place.

Catskill Creek, New York, 1845 Thomas Cole

Prometheus Bound Thomas Cole


Websites used:~ Thomas Cole: The Complete Works~ Cole, Thomas

~helped found the Hudson River School (being the leader of an alliance with some artists)~works gave a notion of Americaas a new Eden~The concept influences artists,environmentalists, and landscape enthusiasts.~Paintings

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