Thomas Carlyle

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Thomas Carlyle

Thomas Carlyle

"Adversity is the diamond dust heaven polishes it's jeweles with."

“Isolation is the sum total of wretchedness to a man."

"Silence is as deep as enternity, speech as shallow as time."

Education- Age 5-9: Village School - Age 9-14: Annan Grammar School Academy - Age 14-19: University of Edinburgh

Favourite Activities - Discussing and debating controversial topics - Writing with no distractions - Caring for his loving and beautiful wife, Jane Welsh - Relaxing in a tranquil environment, like his father's or brothers farm

Biography 1875- Born 1813- Started to attend the Ministry of The Church un Scotland 1818- Went to Edinburgh University and took Mathematical Pupils 1819- Began teaching at the University 1821- Withdrew and forever diverges from church, gave up career as clergy member 1825- Wrote "Life of Shiller" 1826- Married the beautiful and intelligent Jane Welsh1837- Wrote "The French Revolution" 1838- "Sartor Resartus" is released to the public as a book1975 - Wrote "The Early Kings of Norway Also an Essay on the Portaits of John Knox" 1881- Died

Personal Comments Despite the fact Carlyle has innovative ideas and theories, I do believe that he would impact our economy negatively. He was ignorant to the advancements of science and neglected the want and need for a democratic, equal system among society. Scarce resources would be ineffectively distributed among competing ends (government and commoners), and economic growth with relation to the scientific field would cease to exist. Therefore our world current economy would start to breakdown.

Interests - Literature -Politics - Social Issues - Current Affairs - The Church and The Ministry (prior to 1821) - Different perspectives

Favourite Songs Should Listen To: - Peaceful songs that exude happiness, joy and tranquility (i.e Bob Marley -- One love) Represents Carlyle's Views:- Songs that portray a strong and assertive attitude. (i.e Kanye West -- Stronger)


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