Thomas Campion

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Thomas Campion

Thomas Campion

Glog by:Nina, Chris, and Arnold

Campions life storyThomas Campion was known to be a physician, a composer, and a poet. As child, his parents died, and at the age of fourtee he and his stepbrother were sent away to Cambridge. Even though Campion did not earn a degree at Cambridge, he came into contact with writers such as Thomas Nashe and Gabriel Harvey. In 1586, Campion would enroll at Gray's Inn, which was a law school, and he would perform in plays and masques. Furthermore, in 1602, Campion entered the University of Caen and shortly after he turned forty, he took up a medical practice in London. Even more, Campion would publish five songs which appeared in 1591. Lastly, in 1602, Campion would publish the book named "Observations in the Art of English Posie" in which he would explore the relationship of music and poetry.

Fun Facts!• Born February 12, 1567• Born in London, England• Attended school for law but later worked as a doctor• Died in England on March 1, 1620• His poetry did not rely much on rhyming• An author of Latin Poetry

Thomas Campion's ImportanceWriters, poets, and musicians compared their artworks. Thomas Campion wrote songs of his own composition. His work made a lasting impression in the nature of lyric poetry in England. He was best known for his compositions and his latin work. He produced and accomplished works of art in both poetry and music. His significane was his individualism and the way his compositions were written in such a unique form.


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