Thomas Bohman-Amish

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Thomas Bohman-Amish

Jakob Ammann was the founder of an Anabaptist religion called the Amish. He was born on February 12, 1644 as the 3rd of 6 children. Growing up in his childhood, before the last 3 children, all 3 siblings were tailors. He was very uneducated, and he couldn't read or write. He married Verena Stuedler and had 2 children, 1 boy, and 1 girl. He founded the Amish religion not just because he liked the farmer lifestyle, but also because he didn't like the newest technology. Ammann's life sadly ended in 1712.


Who- Jakob Ammann.What- No modern technology or fancy clothing. Farmer lifestyle. When- 1693Where- Southern and Eastern U.S.Why- Jakob Ammann was tired of the newest technology, and he liked the farmers' lifestyle

Interesting Facts

* The way to tell men from teenagers are their hats. Teenagers' are flat, and mens' are curved.* Women have a dress they only use twice in their life, for their wedding and to wear in their coffin.


The Amish lifestyle is a lot like a farmer's. They have 2 horses per farm and the rest do farmwork. they have many farm animals. They avoid the modern world as much as they can. That means no electricity. They have gas lamps an wood to use as their light sources.

The Amish Religion


5 W's

The Amish Ways of Life

- No Electricity

- Ride in a carriage

- Farmer Lifestyle


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