Thomas Alva Edison

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Inventors and Inventions

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Thomas Alva Edison

A man who changed the world...Also known as Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edisonwas born in Milan, Ohio on 2/11/1847. 2/11/1847 Edison married Mary Stilwell1876 Edison started making the phonograph1876 Edison built his first research lab in Menlo Park1877 Edison made a carbon based transmitter for the phone1878 Edison began to create the lightbulb1882 Edison built the first power station in the US1885 After Mary died, Edison remarried to Mina Miller1888 Edison developed a camera and built the first film studio1913 Edison made a motion picture with sound

Important EventEdison rescued the son of a telegraph operator from the path of a freight car. In exchange, the man taught Edison to use a telegraph.

InterestingsFacts-Edison was almmost completely deaf in his older years-As Edison grew older, he gave most of his buisinesses to his son Charles

His Lab...

This is him.

The phonograph

Did You Know...Edison and Nikola Tesla were rivals all their lives, and to show the dangers of Tesla's inventions, Edison executed public shows where he electrocuted animals.

"Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration."


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