Thomas Alva Edison

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Inventors and Inventions

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Thomas Alva Edison


Thoams Alva Edison did not attend college or universityand never had a formal education .He only went to Elementry school for twelve weeks because his mother pulled him.

Thomas Alva Edisonb. feburay 11,1847Milan,Ohiod. October 18,1931He was known for his invention of the lightbulb and he made the photograph.

Basic Information

Thomas Alva Edison was a tramp telegrpher.He developed a Eletric Company he had over 300 patents in only six years.Thomas Edison invented the photograph and made the light bulb saver than the oil lamps,the movie graph and he passed over 1,000 inventions.He also made the telegraph a lot better than the old telegraph.

Additional Information

Thomas Edison had six brothers and sisters and Thomas was the youngest out of all of them and there names are Marion, William Pitt,Harriet Ann,Charlie, Samuel, and Eilza.He got married to Mary Stilwell they ahd three children names were Marion,Thomas ,William.Mary died of a suspected brain tumor at the age of 29 in 1884.He got married a second time to Mina Miller in 1886.

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Thomas Alva Edison


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