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Inventors and Inventions

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Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison was born in a Middle-class family in Milan, Ohio in 1847. When he was seven, he proved that he was different from the other kids and could only handle 12 weeks of school. His mother ended up home schooling him. He never went to college; he was a self taught man. Being self taught, he had time to have a job as a newspaper seller and telegraph operator at age 15. He put his income into conducting experimentsin his basement and on a train. Once he had made a truly great voting machine, legislature turned him down because A: it was ahead of their time, and B: it's speed would disrupt the political status-quo. As he aged, he continued to expeiment and invent. he worked at Western Union for many years but he ended up in deep debt. He borrowed 35.00 to move to New York. Soon after, a corporation paid him $40,000.00 for the stock ticker. He created sevral inventions for industry and in 1877 invented the Phonograph.Thomas was dissapointed when Bell beat him to the telephonepatent, soo in 1879 he made the lightbulb. in 1887 he created the first and biggest research lab in the world. After the lab, he was hailed as the wizard of Melno Park. Thomas Alva Edison died in 1931 on Oct. 18, but his legacy will live on forever.


1847 - Feb. 11 Born1868 - Independent inventor1875 - Disc. Radio Waves1876 - Freestanding reasearch facility1877 - Phonograph1881 - 5 years establishing factories and offices1888-1893 motion pic. camera1931 - Oct. 18 - Death

Thomas Edison accomplished a long list of things. One of the most importantis the electric lightbulb. He also made many power utillities. He also created the very first research facility. He created quaduplex telegraphs, sound recording, motion picture cameras, phonographs, Portland cement, vacum tube electronics, stock tickers, and fire alarms. He had a total of 1, 093 patents.

Lasting Impact

One of the biggest impacts Thomas Edison made on our world today was electricity. For me, it's kind of hard to choose one. Think about how it would be without electricity. Our entire way that we live would be different.


Thomas AlvaEdison


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