Thomas Alva Edison/ Alan

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Thomas Alva Edison/ Alan

Thomas Edison was one of the worlds famous invention

He invented one of the worlds most used every were Schools HousesBuildings Cars What is the invention???

The light bulb.......... He spent making the light bulb for almost 4 years He used 1,900 or more formulas o the light bulb!!! He succeeded to make the light bulb in 1879 He was the 24 person to try to make the light bulb and he was the only one the succeeded

thomas edison was kiked out of school at the age of 9. He got kiked out becuese his teachers called him dumb . but school was to slow for him so his mom home schooled him

thomas edison was born in 1847 Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, on February 11 thomas edison will alwas be rememder trow the years 1931 Edison dies in Llewellyn Park, New Jersey, on October 18. 1847-1931

how did thomas edison invention??? Thomas edison couldn't of done all of hi invention with out his team Thomas edison said that he didnt care of the inventions but of his friend


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