This is the Story of a Dress

by MsEiteljorg
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Language Arts

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This is the Story of a Dress

This is the story of a dress. . .

Once upton a time there was a girl. All the best stories have girls in them, don't you think?Anyway, this girl lived in a midwestern town. She and her mother were looking at magzines one day and saw a beautiful dress.

But, the things one sees in magazines, even then, are rarely things one can actually have. I was not there, but knowing this girl later in life, I imagine that there was a forceful conversation about how much she wanted this dress.

Now I wear that dress. It fits almost as if it was made for me. I don't wear it all the time, just for special occaissions. I hope that one day my daughter will wear it and tell her daughter the story of the girl in the midwest who had to have that dress.

The girl's mother had the dress copied by a seamstress. It was not cheap, even by today's standards. That girl was my grandmother. She wore that dress for decades. Not all the time. It wasn't that kind of dress, but for holidays or parties. I remember her wearing it at our house when I was growing up.


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