This is the last one.. hopefully

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Social Studies

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This is the last one.. hopefully

I am against imperalism because it does not let countries develop on their own. Instead, they are controlled by an outside force telling them what to do. The country being taken over then has no chance to try anything different. An example of this is the Spanish-American War, where Cuba no longer wanted to be told what to do and wanted independence.

Cuba (the woman in the frying pan) under the control of "Spanish Misrule," or the pan, suffering because of the bad Spanish authority.

The Spanish-American War made other countries view America as a world power. Although originally the US was looked at as weak because it was a former colony, by winning the war the United States proved their force. Dominating the war from the first battle, the US won in the short time period of just 4 months. During the war, the US lost only 2,446 Americans but only about 400 were actually killed in combat. This showed other countries around the world the US was a world power.

Battle during Spanish-American War



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