This is the End

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This is the End

This is the End

Imagine Dragons- It's Time

Adele- SkyfallI think this song can kind of be connected to Huck Finn because it is saying,"This is the end, and Huck is not sure of the outcome, this is the end of Huck and Jim's travels. The two worlds collide; the racist society in which Huck live in and Jim's slave life. When everything bad happens to Huck and Jim, 'they stand tall and face it all together.'"

Huckleberry FinnHuck Finn is very different from Tom Sawyer because he is not impulsive, he tries to think of what will happen next before he acts in a situation. Huck tries to tell this to Tom, but he only believes that the problem should follow the way it is in the books because it is the right way and no other way isn’t. Huck wants to help Jim, not for an adventure like Tom, but because Huck thinks it is the right thing to do. Although Huck questions his morality quite often he remains selfless—helping Jim along the way without betraying him. Huck genuinely wants to help Jim and has a simple plan to save him.

Tom Sawyer:Sawyer is very different and similar to Huck because they both grew up in a racist society—they live in the same area, they are similar ages, they both like to cause trouble and come up with clever lies, and they both are pro-slavery in the beginning.Sawyer is different from Huck because he is impulsive, he doesn’t think beforehand in situations and acts without thinking. Tom thrives for an adventure, and he’ll take any when he has the chance, even if it means putting the life of another person in danger. Tom is different from Huck also through morality, because Sawyer disregards it and will act whichever way he pleases. Tom is bossy, pretentious, and doesn't really want to help Jim, he just wants an adventure.


Huck's Evolution:Throughout the book, Huck shows different stages of morality; at first he doesn’t really care about how slaves are treated but when he befriends one, he learns that they are no different from a white man. He questions his entire existence because he doesn’t know why he wants to help a slave, however he knows that it makes him feel good when he does. Huck feels as if he is committing a serious crime, he feels as if he will rot in hell because of his decisions in helping a slave. On the contrary, that is not true, Huck just doesn’t know how much Jim appreciates his kindness incomparable to any thing else. For this last episode, Huck’s evolution changes because he was fine without the help of Tom, he didn’t need to listen and obey him since he was on his own. When Tom and Huck meet up again, Huck moves back with his maturity because he doesn’t tell Tom how he feels, or at least when he tries to Tom won’t listen. When Huck and Tom are together, Huck follows the footsteps of Tom because he looks up to him as if he is a genius, and disregards almost everything else. Without the help of Tom, Huck has to figure out things, and direct himself to do the right thing.

Author's Purpose:The author’s purpose is to show Tom’s irritability; Mark Twain does not want to people to like the Southern view of white males. This is because Tom only wants to help Jim on the count of having an adventure, only to have fun, which is why he came up with an elaborate plan to save Jim. In this case, Mark Twain says that the average white person is stupid. Huck indubitable wants to help Jim, without a doubt, giving this Southern white male a better personality and character than Tom. However, not everyone will look at it that way because they’ll view Tom as the better person. Is this because, Twain wants Southerners to believe that slaves are just as good as white people or does he want to show how if a young white male can accept someone who is different so can you?

Do you think people act on impulses? Or do people usually think before acting in a situation? Or do people automatically act before they think? Why?

What is the purpose of doing the wrong thing? How does it affect you? How will if affect the people surrounded by you?

Watermelon Symbol:Chicken and Watermelon is a sterotypical food eaten by black people, this is because back then this food was really cheap and easy to grow. By the recurrence of the Watermelon, and Huck eating it, Mark Twain uses it to show how Huck is equal to slaves.

New Characters:The Doctor- "An old man; a very nice, kind-looking old man." The doctor who helps take care of Tom Sawyer when he gets shot, but he also talks about Jim; saying that he is worth a thousand of dollars and good treatment because he risked his life to help Tom. His character shows how Huck is not the only person to be able to accept black people.Aunt Polly- Tom Sawyer's aunt, and Aunt Sally's sister.

Setting:The setting for episode 10 still takes place in Arkansas; a slave state in which Jim is targeted because he is a runaway. This setting represents Huck's old way of life and is currently living at the Phelps home.


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