This is My Life

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This is My Life

William McBride

This is My Life


The Oregon Ducks are my favorite NCAA football team.

Marcus Mariota is my favorite NCAA football quaterback.

Duke Blue Devils are my favorite basketball team (EVER)

Andrew McCutchen is my favorite baseball player.

The Los Angeles Angels are my favorite professional baseball team ever.

The Oregon Ducks are awesome!

BiopoemWilliamawesome, inteligent, honest, enthusiasticson of Stanley and Tina McBride, brother of Eddie and Gavin McBride, Child of GODwho loves the LGg2, xbox 360who felt exitement, furocious, courageouswho fears snakes, death, long car rideswho achieved the CRCT, Elementary school, getting into SAwho wants to go on a safari through Africa, go on a cruise to the Bahamaswho lives in Thomasville, GAMcBride

Baseball is my favorite sport.

Andrew McCutchen is amazing.

Andrew McCuthchen is amazing.


  • BulldogScholars 6 years ago

    BulldogScholars's avatar

    William, I can tell that you are devoted to sports, which is awesome! Athletics are a great area to pursue; I played softball and tennis through high school and had a blast being a part of those teams. Would love to join you on that safari and cruise; I've never been on either of those myself! Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. :-)