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This I Believe

This I Believe: The Importance of a Role Model to Success and Education Being one of four girls, I’ve been lucky enough to always have someone by my side, whether or not I appreciated it all the time. I’m the middle child, so as I grew older I realized that I always had my older sister to look up to and my younger sister to be a good example to. I believe that having someone to look up to and taking it upon yourself to be a role model to someone else creates a huge impact on how you conduct yourself, which will impact your success. I am lucky to be close with my siblings, especially my older sister. I have always looked up to her, even at a young age, I wanted to do everything she did. When we were younger my sister was really into animal. SHe loved them, and always had a pet hamster and would play vet, because at the time that’s what she wanted to be. Naturally, I begged my parents for a pet hamster so I could be a vet just like her. As we got older, education became more and more important to each of us. Our parents put a big emphasis on the importance of succeeding in school and really everything that we do. Once my sister got into high school you rarely saw her. She was always in her room studying, which was a concept I did not fully embrace yet, as a middle schooler. However, I saw and knew my sister was doing that constantly, which motivated me to form the habit of studying, because I wanted to be just like her. My entire life my parents raised me, telling me to always be a leader, not a follower, because leaders get somewhere in life. It is ironic looking back though, because everything I did and sometimes still do, was follow my sister, to always do what she did, and I truly believe that has made a big print on who I am today and how I use education to my success. My sister is that type of person who does not aim for anything lower than excellent. She sets her standards high, and at times you might think she is crazy for it, but she always gets things done and achieves her standards consistently. Now that I am older, and I have developed myself more independently, I am able to not just follow my sister’s example through her success in school, but rather, use her inspiration to continue to set my standards just as high, because as the little sister, the last thing you want to do is let your older sister down. Not only has my older sister’s standards kept me motivated to set my own and achieve them, but I have taken it upon myself to make sure I set that example for my younger sister as well. I realized the impact a role model could make on me, so I hope and try to do the same. Success can come with an education, but education does not always come with success. Yes, hard work and determination will get you somewhere, but knowing your standards and having a purpose will get you farther. Not everyone has an older sibling to look up to or a younger sibling to be a role model to, however, I believe that a role model that you are close to is part of the key, they help you define yourself and they push you to do and be better, sometimes without them even knowing, they make you want to try harder. I’ve found success in my education, because I found someone to inspire me and I found someone to inspire, this I believe helps everything else come together, like discovering who you are, finding the best way to learn in school etc, and that is what will lead to success.


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